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It is crucially important that it is not only our organisation which has a policy on environmental sustainability, but that it filters up the supply chain to the farmers and the producers of our raw materials.
All Seasons Wax Co spent weeks and months carefully selecting suppliers which have environmental policies that align with ours. 
The primary raw ingredient aggregator is based in Beijing, is also a recognised member of the RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) and it was our partnership with them which allowed us to become a certified member of the RSPO organisation. The Soybeans are sourced from one of the largest, high profile agricultural producers in Brazil. Our soya oil is of premium quality and you will notice how clean and easy to work with all of our waxes are. 

The use of paraffin wax:

There are many myths and rumours surrounding the incorporation of paraffin wax into candle blends.  Most simply put -  these rumours are in fact, false.  Paraffin is approved by the US & UK Food & Drug Administration for usage in food, cosmetics and medical applications, thus deeming it completely safe and non-toxic. The grade of paraffin incorporated into our soy-blend waxes is the highest available on the market - it results in a clean, even burn and studies conducted by the ACC (American Chemistry Council) have shown high grade paraffin to be biodegradable. Paraffin is used kitchens, Crayola crayons, in food packaging, medicines, cosmetics and even many fruits have a waxy-finish which contains paraffin wax. The majority of candles sold around the world are made entirely from paraffin, and the largest candle company in the U.S (Yankee Candle) is made entirely from paraffin wax


All Seasons Wax Co the bulk of our products are stored and shipped in recycled cardboard boxes. Cardboard is seen already recognised as having a significantly smaller impact on the environment when compared to plastic due to its 3 month decomposition time. In an effort to uphold our commitment to environmental sustainability, we've opted to have all our boxes produced from recycled materials.  

Along the product development phase we also made strategic decisions to reduce the environmental impact of our packaging - reducing the total number of bags used per package.


There are many benefits of using palm wax when making candles. It is a 100% natural product, a harder compound than soy and its usage normally results in a candle with a long and consistent burn time.  Palm wax also does not have the adhesion issues which soy wax often does, so it's no wonder more candle makers around the world are adding palm to their blends in order to achieve the perfect wax. However, the present issue with utilising palm wax is that when the farming process is not regulated, it can result in mass deforestation, pollution and the destruction the eco-systems which many endangered animals live.

All Seasons Wax Company as an organisation have made the deliberate and conscious decision to source any palm oil product exclusively from RSPO (Round Table on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified sources.  
Despite not directly farming palm oil themselves, they have registered and been approved as an associate member of the RSPO - which includes a review of our supply chain and yearly contributions which go back into conservation.
We can't speak for other companies and for other waxes, but what we can guarantee, is that when you buy any All Seasons Wax Company product you can be sure that any product utilising palm wax has been sourced from a registered and certified organisation.

For more information on the RSPO please click the link below: