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At London Luxury Candle Supplies our goal is to bring you the products you need to run a successful home fragrance business.


Forward Thinking And Trend Orientated


We’re an interior driven home fragrance wholesale supplier, offering classic and unique ranges of products for your candle and wax melt businesses. With creative in-house experts keeping on top of the latest trends in interior design, we bring gorgeous and coveted jars, diffusers, melt burners, and accessories to our customers. Our aim is to give small market makers, like you, the chance to create stunning products with ease.

Find everything you need in one place. London Luxury Candle Supplies makes it easy for you to get your hands on everything you need in one go. We’ve designed our gift boxes to fit the products we sell, lids to match our jars, waxes that suit every need, and wicks that fit every vessel. Plus, with such a range on offer, everything you could wish for is at your fingertips. Including candle jars, diffuser bottles, wicks, wax, fragrance oils, enhancers, equipment, and more.


It's candle making made easy.


The Supplier for Small and Large Businesses


You can stock up on all your supplies, no matter what size business you are. We offer the chance to get small units for small companies and can up the ante with huge bulk orders too. No need to go elsewhere and spend a fortune on shipping for a small order or wait 6 months for your crucially large stock order.

No matter your company size or the stage you’re at, we here for you. Get started with your home fragrance business with us. Or uplift your established company with new and inspiring supplies. London Luxury Candle Supplies knows the importance of delivering the best of the best, that’s why we can assist with your business regardless of what part of the journey you are on.


Customisation Services


With the state-of-the-art versatile printing machine, and an eye for branding and product development shared amongst our team, London Luxury Candle Supplies can offer customised products for the home fragrance brand who dreams big. For designers and makers it is imperative that your brand stands out holding an emotional connection to you and your customers. The best way to achieve this is to develop a unique, engaging and consistent message through customised packaging, glassware through to the lid and your accessories and we are here to make this step easy and simple for you.


Here to Help without Obligation 


Eager to get your business prepped for selling? We’ve eliminated some of the headaches. Candle and wax melt making has never been simpler. Grab everything you need and receive the guides and support that will help you create the products you’ve dreamt of. Take a look at our completely FREE guides and tools, including Burn Rate Charts – to discover the ideal wick for you jar, CLP Label Maker – to create labels that meet regulations, Wax info – to learn what works best for you, and a Fragrance Calculator – to ensure you use the perfect amount every time.

If you have any technical questions, we’d be happy to help. Phone up and speak with one of our candle technicians to receive advice, or even pop in to say hello. We love to see and hear from you, so don’t be a stranger!


Your Friendly Experts


We know what it takes to run a successful home fragrance business. With that in mind, we have the best supplies on the market to help you reach new heights. London Luxury Candle Supplies brings you the best products out there, so you can deliver the best for your own customers. Get creating and see what is possible with London Luxury Candle Supplies!


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