New to Candle Making?


Never made a candle before, but destined to be a home fragrance expert? We’ve got you.

At London Luxury Candle Supplies, we’re here to be your cheerleaders on your home fragrance journey. Whether that’s as a business owner or a hobbyist, we’ll supply you with the knowledge, support, and products to make this new venture smooth sailing and, most importantly, a whole load of fun!


Get the Guides


Working with wax looks easy on the face of things, but there are technical and mathematical elements to contend with.

Don’t be put off though, we’ve taken that hurdle into account and pushed it out of your way.


Stick with the Trends

Home fragrance is a HUGE industry with endless opportunities. Check out our blogs to find streams of industry content, the newest trends, juicy tips and tricks, free product recipe ideas, and bounds of information on all the supplies we stock.

See How it's Done

Being a newbie can be hard. Put all that worrying behind you though, our video tutorials are here to see you flourish by taking you through the creation process step-by-step on loads of different products.

Supplies to Start With

We don’t like to brag but we have an amazing range of products on offer that can get your creative juices flowing. However, we also recognise that for a new starter, it might be a little overwhelming to know where to start. There’s no stress though because we’ve thought of that too.

Tips to Remember

·      Test, test, test – until you find what’s right for you.

·      Recommended fragrance load = 8% - 10% (resist going stronger).

·      Blending temperature = 70 degrees celcius.

·      Pouring temperature = 60 degrees celcius.

·      Use our Wick Guides – they’re a lifesaver.

·      Sample size fragrance oils can help you find your favourites.

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