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Candle Making Starter Kit

Candle Making Starter Kit

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Start your journey into luxury candle making with the most premium soy waxes, glassware and accessories on the market today. 

Our candle making starter kit is great for begenniers or simply a luxury gift.  Details of what is contained in the kit is in the body description below. 

TIP! We highly recommend attendance to our CANDLE MAKING WORKSHOP to learn all the theory and practice for candle making techniques.

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With our expertise we have put together a basic Candle Making Starter Kit for beginners.

This Candle Kit is the perfect set for any beginner chandler or as a gift to any user new to candle making – everything to start your new journey into Candle Making!

Inside the Starter Kit you will find:

  • 1 x Candle Making Starter Kit Guide Book
  • 1 x All Seasons Wax Company Soy Based Wax – 1kg bag
  • 4 x Small vogue jars
  • 4 x Cotton Wicks
  • 4 x Stickums (18mm Ø)
  • 1 x Bottle of Fragrance Oil – 100ml
  • 2 x Wick Centering Tools – Single Wick
  • 1 x Stainless Steel Wick Trimmer
  • 2 x Candle Care Cards
  • 4 x Candle Warning Labels 
  • 4 x Testing note lables 

*Each guide book will include – Basic Introduction to Candle Making, Introduction & Comparison table to All Seasons Wax Company Waxes, Candle Testing Template, Introduction to Wicks, Burn Chart guides to LCS Cotton & Wood Wicks.

TIP! We highly recommend attendance to our Candle Making Workshop to learn all the theory and practice for candle making techniques. 


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