Large Candle Bowl : Frosted Ice

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This sleek thick walled clear candle bowl is a beautiful centrepiece for any decor, with a massive capacity of 1700ML this statement piece can be enjoyed for 200 hours + 

Suitable Lid: N/A
Suitable Packaging: N/A
Suggested Wick Size*:  6 x LCS55,  4 x LCS85
*Please note, wick sizes are suggestions only.

+ -

Vessel Capacity: 170cl/1700ml
Vessel Fill (suggestion only): Approx. 1445g+ (vessel fill as per your discretion)
Vessel Weight: 1.15kg

Suitable Lid: N/A
Suitable Packaging: N/A
Suggested Wick Size*:  6 x LCS55,  4 x LCS85
*Please note, wick sizes are suggestions only.

Available in single units.
Carton size: 6 units

IMPORTANT!  Due to the hand blown method of manufacturing, slight imperfections and bubbles may be visible in the glassware shape and finish. Returns and exchanges may not be accepted for any reasons above.

External Vessel Dimensions: 188mmØ x 95mmH

Internal Vessel Dimensions: 179mmØ x 88mmH

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