365ml Ceramic: Unglazed Outer White Jar

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Unglazed outer raw ceramic external candle jar in a bright white jar. The vessel is handpainted internally,  sealed and cured for candle making. 

Suitable Packaging: Large Classic BoxSmart Box, Window Box

Suggested Wick Size*: LCS70, LCS75 Double Wood Wick 13, S Wood Wick 20 

Read our customisation T&C's HERE

Vessel Capacity: 30cl/300ml
Vessel Fill (suggestion only): Approx. 220g+ (vessel fill as per your discretion)

Vessel Weight: 400grams

Suitable Lid: Small Wooden Lid, Small Plastic Lid

Suitable Packaging: Large Classic Box, Smart Box, Window Box

Suggested Wick Size*: LCS70, LCS75, Double Wood Wick 13, S Wood Wick 20

*Please note, wick sizes are suggestions only.

Available in single units.

Carton Size: 24 Units

Please Note : Due to the manufacturing process, each vessel is handmade so you will find unique differences in each jars finish + size due to the naked look of this collection. This may include minor indents/ blemishes. 

External Vessel Dimensions: 85mm x 97mmH

Internal Vessel Dimensions: 70mmø x 80mm


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