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Blue Spruce + Mistletoe
Blue Spruce + Mistletoe

Blue Spruce + Mistletoe

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A fresh breath of winter forest & blue spruce and impression of wandering through a snow filled woodland. 

Memoir of: Yankee Blue Spruce

TOP Pine + Spearmint
MIDDLE Blackcurrent + Cedar
BASE Balsam + Fir

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A fresh breath of winter forest, blue spruce, spearmint. Notes of fresh juniper and spearmint leaves offer a sharp and natural taste, whilst the middle notes of winter spruce, blackcurrant, and snow covered cedar give the woody, almost earthy, impression of wandering through a snow filled woods


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Candle Candles  6% – 10% Diffuser Diffuser Reed Base  15% – 25%


Blue Spruce + Mistletoe - CLP 10%

Blue Spruce + Mistletoe - CLP 25%

Blue Spruce + Mistletoe - SDS

Blue Spruce + Mistletoe - SDS 10%

Blue Spruce + Mistletoe - SDS 25%

Blue Spruce + Mistletoe - Allergen Dec

Blue Spruce + Mistletoe - IFRA


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