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S16 Deluxe Soy Wax : 5KG
S16 Deluxe Soy Wax : 5KG

S16 Deluxe Soy Wax : 5KG


S16 Deluxe Soy is one of the most highly sought after waxes!

A completely natural soy product – The S16 Deluxe Soy is 100% Soy Bean carefully blended with a unique plant based emulsifier.

You can expect beautiful creamy candles pre and post burn, great container adhesion and a strong scent throw.

This wax is vegan, does not contain any animal bi-products, is sustainbly sourced and cruelty free.


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S16 Deluxe Soy

The result of an intense 3-month sampling campaign, S16 Deluxe Soy wax’s development has been assisted by real, everyday candle makers alongside an Australian government approved lab based in Melbourne VIC.  Made from 100% natural, plant based products the S16 Deluxe Soy wax is similar in it’s formulation to another popular, yet recently discontinued wax.

The creamy soy finish you will see when using S16 is nothing short of remarkable! Candles produced with S16 Deluxe Soy are ready to be placed on any high-end boutique shelf.  S16 Deluxe Soy has an even and calming burn, fantastic container adhesion and great overall performance in regards to scent throw.

This variety, as advertised – is a completely plant based, natural wax.
Containing hydrated soya oil and unique, plant based emulsifier.

S16 Deluxe Soy has been created through the intersection of nature and science.

By hydrogenating a by-product of the soy harvesting process, ASWC is able to use this thicker and tougher compound to harden and stabilise the natural soy wax resulting in a 100% natural product that performs consistently like any great wax should.

This very scientific and carefully measured process leaves us with a unique wax which features include:

  • Made entirely from natural products
  • Gorgeous creamy soy finish
  • Smooth set after burning
  • A high fragrance tolerance for a soy wax (6-10%) - we reccomend 8%
  • Great container adhesion
  • Anti-shrinking and frosting properties
  • Fantastic oil absorption resulting in amazing hot and cold scent throw


The magic of candle making is in your own testing. Finding which blends, wicks, jars, temperatures, percentages and fragrances yield the best results for you – we encourage you undertake many different tests and trials to achieve your perfect ready to go candle.

Click to download your free candle testing worksheet by All Seasons Wax Company


Melt Point: Peak melting temperature 50.06°C
Congealing Point: Congealing temperature 36.3°C
Suggested Heating Range: Range of heating 62°C – 72°C
Suggested Pouring Range: 45°C – 55°C
Suggested Max Fragrance Load:  6-8% – this depends on the potency of the fragrance so testing is required.
Contents: 100% Hydrogenated Soybean Oil blended with the addition of a unique plant based emulsifier.


S16 Deluxe Soy is a durable, resilient wax with fantastic post-pour appearance.
We suggest you take care preparing the pouring conditions of your candles and to always run a test in those conditions before mass producing any of your candle ranges.

Our trials have indicated that 22°C is the ideal room temperature when making soy candles.

We recommend S16 Deluxe Soy for candle makers of all abilities – it is a uniquely balanced wax which has excellent performance across the board.

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