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Black - Liquid Dye

Black - Liquid Dye


Our liquid dyes are perfect to use when wanting to dye a candle or wax melt. Our liquid dyes will achieve a block, non-frosting & long lasting colour.  

1-5ML of our liquid dyes will colour approx 1KG of our soy waxes! 

Key Benefits: 

Virtually free of insoluble matter

No dusting as found with powders (mica)

High Flash Point 200F/93C

Easily mixed to create unique shades


REACH Compliant

GHS Compliant

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Our liquid dyes are the most soluble colorants available. Use them when you want a candle or wax melt to be dyed throughout.  Dispatched to you in 15ML dropper bottles makes them clean and easy to use. 


Paraffin and Vegetable Soy Waxes: 

Off-white Shades (Vanilla, Ivory) - 0.004%

Pale Shades (Peach, Pink) - .0.02%

Medium Shades (Red, Blue, Yellow) - 0.2%

Dark Shades - 0.4%

Black - 0.6%

Factors that may affect the amount of dye required for the desired shade include:

The opacity of the wax

Wax additives such as stearic acid, polymers and microcrystalline wax

Fragrance oils


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